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The mother of all trading systems is, of course, our own one. If you haven't checked, here is the free download and here is more info about it:

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The download above is free and it will also subscribe you to my Tau Trader newsletter that digs out interesting market situations, current trading chances that match the system, and occasionally worthwhile trading tools. The subscription is also free and can be cancelled at any time.

Other trading systems


The following is a selection of trading systems that are to some extent outstanding. They are either interesting as being especially strange or they are just working well. The strange systems are also important. Trading means thinking flexibly...

There will be one system for you. Just browse them.


If you are curious about the best momentum trading system there is -- the one that gave our site its name -- download the .pdf with the box below. At times we will send some short reports about interesting trading situations or other market jewels to your email address that complement the system. Privacy is guaranteed, of course.

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