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Privacy policy

The main objective of the Tau Trader site and other associated sites (.com) is to offer interesting information, either through the website or by email. Therefore, our sites may at times collect email addresses. Of course, we do respect the privacy of our visitors and readers. We are not going to sell or rent your email address to others.

The Tau Trader sites may contain embedded objects and ads from third parties. It is safe to assume that these third parties may have very different privacy policies.

Our websites may use cookies, but only for the purpose of being better navigable and nothing more. Embeddings, ads, and linked external websites may also use cookies, and if so, the companies to which these external objects belong indeed might want to identify and/or track their viewers or visitors.

Some words about cookies:

Current laws of some countries concerning cookies are nothing but stupid in our opinion, because cookies are not needed to track a visitor's trail through the web. The user-agent string of a browser in conjunction with the IP address and a central database does the same as a cookie. It virtually assigns a unique id to your browser and makes you identifiable the same way cookies do.

Identification by the user-agent string is used by quite some large Internet sites to spy on you. Worse, you can't stop it and most people even don't know about it, whereas cookies can be deactivated or automatically deleted at the session end in most browsers. The cookie warning is nothing but a futile attempt of our uninformed law makers, resulting only in annoying "click it away" actions.


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