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Why a disclaimer? This site aims to be a money making operation, and so it makes sense to explicitly make clear what risks are associated with using this site and/or conducting a trade or an investment.

With regard to the market risks, please read our specific page about these, especially if you are relatively new to trading and investing:

Trading and Investing Risks.

The very short version of this disclaimer is:

We don't take any liability for whatever could be associated with the TauTrader sites (TT sites). We are not at all responsible for any risk, problem, or otherwise adverse something that could arise using the TT sites.

You are solely responsible for using the TauTrader sites in any way.

Here comes the long version of our disclaimer:

Everything that is on this website, or comes from this website, or is associated with this website and related sites (tautrader.com) is for the purpose of this disclaimer called "our contents". So, with our contents are not only all pages on this site or related ones meant, but also all downloads, buyable products and services, etc. Of course, our contents include also emails sent out and other means of communication. "We" and "our" means and references myself and everyone associated with the TT sites.

So, you are completely responsible for all risks, problems, and any other unwanted things that may arise directly or indirectly by using our contents. You cannot hold us responsible for anything that you do in conjunction with our contents!

That means, among other things, that all trading and investing results that are in any way caused, inspired, influenced, signalled, calculated, or whatsoever by our contents are your own results. You are completely responsible for them and we are not at all responsible for them.

It also means, that any software, any tool, or any system that you may use or obtain directly or indirectly by using our contents, is offered "as is". We are in no way liable for its quality, accuracy, usefulness, correctness, or ability to make profits. Trading software that makes money in the markets is difficult to create. Generally all trading software should be seen and used as an experiment. Trading systems may work at times and at others not. Trading tools may be useful or not. Moreover, a specific software, tool, or system may be useful only for some people and for others not.

We are no investment advisers. We are no advisers at all, as we don't provide any advice of any kind. Even if you feel that some part of our contents sounds or feels like a recommendation to take action, e.g., to do a trade or an investment, to buy a product, to use a system or software, to follow a trading signal, or to do anything else, it is no recommendation.

Once again, we do not provide advice and we do not give recommendations of any kind.

This site is a money making operation. Yes, we also want to make money ourselves! That means we are using the information that is reflected in our contents ourselves to operate in the markets. Specifically, we reserve always the right to trade at any time into and out of markets that could be associated in any way with our contents. This holds true not only for directly written or verbal information, but also for any trading signal or similar that software on this site or a partner site, or software obtained from this site or a partner site that is elsewhere installed, may generate.

In order to make this page a real disclaimer, we are saying here proactively that this behavior could be viewed as stock promoting, artificially inflating or deflating a price, pumping and dumping, front-running, generating or tolerating a conflict of interest, or any other sort of price or market manipulation. We don't say that any such manipulation is intended by us, but our contents could be suspected as being part of such manipulation attempts.

Every trade will change a price at least a bit and therefore even the smallest trade could be viewed as a price or market manipulation. Of course, this is also true for our own trading.

Furthermore, don't expect anyone to enter a position after they gave you the idea. No, everyone will make a trade first and then tell others about it. This is the universal law of information flow in the markets and it is no different with us. Specifically this means that we may have acted in the market already, e.g., we already may have done a matching trade when highlighting a situation in our contents. Others who are doing a similar trade later may statistically get a less favorable price then. Neither do we disclose an associated position if we have one, nor do we disclose any done, ongoing, or planned trading in, or opening, or closing of any position. We don't disclose our trading and our positions at all.

The Tau Trader project and this website is a money making operation. This means also that we promote affiliate services and products, we display adverts, and we do other joint ventures. In short, we are doing business and we are getting compensated for doing so. You understand this, and you are fine with it.

You agree by using our contents that you are fine with all our objectives and specifically with our own trading and our business and that you won't hold us liable for anything or claim anything.

Here are some other legal pages that have to be seen in conjunction with this disclaimer page. They are part of our disclaimer. Please read them:

It is necessary that you accept all of the above. Otherwise we can't allow you to use our contents in any way. In other words, visitors who want to prosper with Tau Trader are welcome here and people who like to badmouth things or demand anything are not.


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