Trading secret

The secrets of trend trading

Is there a secret to trading or are there even many secrets? Or is there no secret at all? Naturally this is a difficult question. If the answer were known, the question wouldn’t deal with secrets. So, we have here a conundrum without a definitive answer. It is more a question with various viewpoints as […]

Trend trading secrets

If there is any secret in trading, then it is to trade the trend. So, what is the secret of trend trading then? In its simplest form it is using the right stop loss method. Stopping a loss does what it implies, but for trend trading there is much more to it. It virtually guarantees […]

The trading secret

Trading is the fight against a sea of random waves and adverse winds. Most events are not foreseeable and many stock market participants, most notably the bigger ones, have significant advantages over the small, private trader. What is the promised trading secret here? Having a robust trading system, like an unsinkable sailing boat beating into […]

The magical trading system formula

So and so many traders and investors are after the magic formula to succeed in the stock market. Does it exist? Astonishingly the answer is yes and no. Let me explain the no first. The stock market, like all other financial markets, is tough competition. What one earns must be given by the other. Is […]