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Cryptocurrencies explode into a bubble

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The oil crash goes ahead

Tau Trader is a pseudonym that could be associated with Day Trader, Dow Trader, and even Tao Trader, but more specifically it stands for this:


It is an efficient Trading System

Tau is a Greek letter and Tau has many meanings in physics, but a major one is a timing constant for relaxation processes. Timing is everything for trading and indeed this specific physical phenomenon leads to what I consider a very robust trading system. And it is as "straight to wealth" as it can be. Hitting the right trends at the right times will build you a fortune...


It is also a cipher for Auto Trader

Using this system is the secret that makes auto trading really work and thus you could combine both, but you haven't, as the system on its own is highly effective. See the download below.

There are these golden opportunities out there that made successful traders rich and exceptional systems and tools do really exist. You just have to spot the lucky chances.

And here is one of them:

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The download above is free and will also subscribe you to the Trend Sigma newsletter that digs out current trading chances that match the Tau system. The subscription is also free and can be cancelled at any time.

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